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Debut Novel sure to be a Hit

Janet Sketchley is a Canadian author with a passion for story. She's also a wife, mom, daughter, and friend who balances relationships and responsibilities while learning how faith applies to real life. Combine all that with her quirky imagination and love of fiction to get inspiring novels about everyday women in suspenseful situations, who discover more strength within than they could have dreamed. 
Marcia: Welcome, Janet, and congratulations on the release of your novel, Heaven's Prey.
Janet: Thanks, Marcia. This is a lifetime dream come true, and it's still a little hard to believe.
Marcia: You've been working on this novel for a long time. Have there been many changes?
Janet: It's easier to tell you what's stayed the same! The final lines of dialogue just before the epilogue were there in draft one. Other than that, very few original phrases survived.
Marcia: Tell us a bit about Heaven's Prey.
Janet: Heaven's Prey is about a serial killer's last chance at redemption and a vulnerable woman's obedience to pray for her enemy—not the gentle inspirational read many associate with the Christian genre.
Marcia: Where did the story idea come from?
Janet: It all started with this question: it's one thing to pray for an offender locked away in jail, but what would you do if you met the person face to face?
Marcia: What do you want readers to take away when they're done?
Janet: Whatever happens, Jesus will be there. That's something I tell myself whenever fearful "what if" questions try to steal my peace. Ruth's experiences in Heaven's Prey prove to her heart what her head has already known about God: He is trustworthy and He never leaves us.
Marcia: Is there another Redemption's Edge novel in the works?
Janet: Chapter one of Secrets and Lies is included at the end of Heaven's Prey, and that's the story I'm working on now.
Marcia: First novels often have a lot of the author in them. Is your heroine, Ruth, like you?
Janet: Ruth and I live in the same city, have similar tastes in music, and love tea and cheesecake. I think we'd be friends. Like her, I've prayed for race car drivers and convicted criminals (among other people). Ruth has a lot more courage than I do—and she needs it.
Marcia: How did you connect with your villain, Harry, to write his part?
Janet: Whether he's driving a race car or attacking women, Harry operates on adrenaline and passion. I get a similar rush writing fiction, in those rare moments when everything comes together and feels alive, so I connected the two of us that way. Without a positive point of contact, I wouldn't have been able to invest myself in him.
Marcia: What was the best part to write?
Janet: The racing scenes were the most fun. Most satisfying? That's the shovel scene, for those who've read the novel. I'm not sure what that says about me as a person J
Marcia: Do you have any advice for beginning writers?
Janet: The only way to know you won't succeed is to quit, so persevere. Connect with other writers, attend conferences if you can. Be teachable, and don't turn getting published into an idol. Enjoy the journey.  
Marcia: Thanks so much, Janet. 
I encourage everyone to check this out. I'm sure it will be a great read. :)
A grieving woman is abducted by a serial killer—and it may be the answer to her prayers.
Despite her husband's objections, 40-something Ruth Warner finds healing through prayer for Harry Silver, the serial killer who brutally raped and murdered her niece. When a kidnapping-gone-wrong pegs her as his next victim, Harry claims that by destroying the one person who'd pray for him, he proves God can't—or won't—look after His own. Can Ruth's faith sustain her to the end—whatever the cost?
Janet Sketchley's novel, Heaven's Prey, released November 1 from Choose NOW Publishing. Feel free to tell your friends! For more information and a free sample chapter, see the Heaven's Prey page at Choose NOW Publishing.

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