Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Captive Heart by Dale Cramer.

I'm a big fan of Dale Cramer's writing and this book does not disappoint. With characters that will capture your heart immediately and a setting that is so real you can smell it, it's a book you won't easily put down and one you will be sorry to see end.

The second in the series, the story revolves around Miriam Bender, the eldest of Caleb Bender's daughters. She is a dutiful daughter, one devoted to her family and to her "Gott." But she is also a woman torn by that devotion and her feelings for Domingo, a native of her new home country, Mexico. Miriam knows her attraction to Domingo can only lead to heartache so she tries to be the good Amish daughter and accepts the courtship of Micah, the only Amishman available.

But the stresses and horrors of life in this new country interfere time and again in the idyllic life of this small Amish community. Caleb Bender's family is caught in the middle of raging disease and rampaging bandits and the events work to change them all.

Don't miss this one. It's a keeper.

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