Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Review of The Third Grace by Deb Elkink

This is a debut novel by Canadian author Deb Elkink. And it is well worth the read.

The novel captivated me from the beginning as Ms. Elkink spins the tale of Mary Grace, aka Aglaia Klassen, a young woman with an identity crisis. The story is spun expertly as we learn more and more of Aglaia's background and her struggle to discover who she really is. Her journey is wrapped up in an old romance and a tragic death, her struggle exacerbated by a university professor who wants to use Algaia's talents for her own ends.

I found myself wanting to cheer for Aglaia when she moves in the right direction and wanting to hiss at Lou, the professor whose agenda is dangerously close to becoming reality. The characters are well drawn and the skillful writing kept me wondering to the very end who would triump

This book is a triumph and I look forward to more from Deb Elkink. She is a skilled writer and powerful

For information on ordering A Third Grace see Deb's website

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