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The Book of Ruth by Christian Author Deborah Bateman

The Book of Ruth is a Daily Bible Reading Devotional. The characters in “The Book of Ruth” deal with loss, lack, and romance. Through their many trials they learn to lean on God and His sovereign will for their lives. Even though Ruth is a Moabite she decides to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi back to her homeland of Judah.

The two ladies travel back with nothing and are not sure how they will survive, but they trust God to make a way for them. As you read “The Book of Ruth”, you will see the story unfold and see God’s provision for these two ladies. Reading “The Book of Ruth” will help you recognize God’s sovereignty and provision in your own life.



Each episode detailed in Ruth teaches lessons—of God’s plan, precise and solid. Ruth reminds us of God's plans; the ones we might not understand, yet vibrant in His eyes. The theme illustrates the journey that can take one to places impossible for man, but possible with God. The story of Ruth as highlighted in this book opens a new revelation of God’s hand at work. His grace is active in the life of those who choose to obey in humility and commitment. The prayer at the end of each lesson brings a challenge for all and ushers relevance to us today.

---Review by Janet Perez Eckles author of Simply Salsa

I love the story of Ruth. Deborah shed light on the truths in this inspiring book in the Bible. I love that she showed the connection between Ruth and Boaz, and Christ and the church. Even though I've studied Ruth before, Deborah pointed out several details that I hadn't known. It's amazing how God speaks through His children. Deborah has a loving, humble heart for the Lord. You can see her heart throughout the book. I am so happy for her first release! I look forward to more books from Deborah in the future! Great job, Deborah:)

---Review by Amanda Beth author of You Can Have a Happy Family

I often declare that the Bible is one fascinating love story, filled with all the highs and lows, joys and sorrows and treacheries and intrigues that are found in everyday life. But some books of the Bible emphasize this love in a more pronounced way that others.

The Book of Ruth is one of those books. Sometimes we tend to overlook it as such, among the high flyers like Song of Solomon and the gospel of John or perhaps Hosea. But the story of Ruth is a tender, practical love story.

The author of this handy easy to read volume, Deborah Bateman has captured the essence of this love in her first publication, The Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption.

Bateman begins each chapter with a simple expository, followed by the Scripture verses to which it refers. Writing it thus makes it easy for the reader to remain in the book and not have to move from book to Bible. This format also makes it easy to follow the Biblical record and use it as a daily bible reading. The prayer and thought for the day, which concludes the chapter, enabled me to reinforce what I had just read.

In these times when we all need to have, our faith firmly rooted in a God who provides Himself as our Kinsman-Redeemer and who has bought us back from the slavery of sin. A book such as this is invaluable to help us maintain this focus. It also serves to reinforce the tender loving care God has for us that even when we were aliens and far from the Kingdom of God, He was willing to make provision for us to be redeemed.

I would recommend this book as a useful resource, both to take another look at this tender love story and also as a devotional to keep our minds fixed on the God’s wonderful redemption of mankind. ---Review by Yvonne Pat Wright

About the Author

Deborah H. Bateman loves studying the Bible and is dedicated to “Sharing God’s Word”. She is the Founder of Christian Daily Resources a Christian Online Ministry.

Deborah has a Daily Bible Reading Blog where she does a Daily Bible Study. This is where “The Book of Ruth” was started. Deborah has learned to trust God through the. many trials of her life. She can relate to Naomi and Ruth’s dependence on God to see them through their life’s experiences.

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