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Blog Tour - Cheryl Rogers

For the next while I'll be featuring several different authors on a blog tour. I hope you will enjoy getting to know these Christian authors.

ML: Please introduce yourself, then tell us how you got started writing.

My name is Cheryl Rogers and I’m a Christian author based in Tampa, Florida. I decided to become a writer after I became fascinated with Nancy Drew Mysteries as a child. Although I loved fiction, it seemed less practical. So I decided to study Journalism and become a newspaper reporter. I worked for newspapers for 12 years before I quit to have a family.

ML: What have you published and what is your current project?

I have published a number of books, one of them is a paperback but the others are ebooks. The bulk of them are Christian titles aimed at different age groups. My books include Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, which is a devotional aimed at new and young Christians aged 12 and up. I’ve also written a children’s Bible study, Making Choice: Life is Like Acorns, which teaches children things are not always what they appear to be and God looks at the heart. Just Like Jonah Wail Tales is story collection aimed at preteens and teens that teaches there is a price to pay when you disobey. The I Can See Christian Storybook Treasury is aimed at toddlers through teens. It is a short story collection to defeat doubts about God as a child grows. It can be read by children of various ages, as well as my one child for several years. I have also written a skit from one of the stories in the Christian Storybook Treasury. I call it “I Can See God’s Word.” It can be used by churches and youth groups to encourage youngsters to study God’s word and cooperate with him as he attempts to change us into the people he wants us to be. I also write about self publishing. My books include What You Should Know About Self Publishing and What You Should Know Before You Hire a Book Designer.

ML: As a writer of faith, what is your philosophy on marketing?

I don’t want to make anyone feel obliged to buy my books. I figure if God has indeed given me a message he will prepare hearts for it. I am trusting in him to connect me with my intended audience. If he wants me to give away my books, I pray I am obedient. If he wants to send me buyers, I am always grateful for the sale -- whether the readers purchase one book or more. The most important thing is that his kingdom is built up.

ML: Tell us about a "God incident" related to your writing.

I didn’t really even know God when I began to write. It took a devastating illness for me to find God, or really for him to find me. When he did, he not only healed me but began giving me Scripture songs. Now I didn’t consider myself a musician, although I liked to sing. And I couldn’t have written a melody on my own. But these songs were actually sung into my spirit. Then God enabled me to record them into Scripture song CDs through the help of a music minister with a recording studio two blocks from my house. I realized if God could enable me to record Scripture song CDs when I could not previous write music, I had better use the talents he’d developed in me over the years. That was my writing. And so I began writing the original Bible columns sharing what God had taught me. These became the basis of Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook. Doing the Scripture songs and books enabled me to fulfill my childhood dreams of being a singer and a writer.

ML: What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

I am believing God will expand my territory and enable me to reach many more with my message about the importance of seeking God, surrendering our lives to him, staying connected to his Word, and doing what he says.

ML: Thanks for the interview, Cheryl.

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Cheryl Rogers said...

Thank YOU so much for the interview!

You might want to check out interviews with Marcia being featured next week by Paulette Harper Johnson and Lorilyn Roberts as part of a multi-genre blog tour. The posts are scheduled for Tuesday at and

Lorilyn said...

Great interview. God uses the hard things in our lives to teach us about Him. Where would we be if everything was easy? Thanks for sharing, and I am glad Cheryl took up writing and not just music.

Tom Blubaugh said...

Excellent interview.

Tom Blubaugh
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