Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Watcher by Sara Davison

Kathryn Ellison is being watched. And so is everyone else in this page-turner by Sara Davison. The novel is a good read and it's easy to see why it won the Word Alive Contest this past year.

Although I did find some of the sentence construction awkward at times, the prose moves quickly and keeps the reader wondering. The frequent comments by 'the watcher' add to the suspense, not only about the events unfolding but also about his identity. We are given clues as he personifies such attributes as Faith, Hope, Love, Fear and Forgiveness, but we have to wait until the very end to discover who he is.

This is a story about all of the above, and about holding on to God when everything else is slipping away. I'm sure we'll be reading more from this young Canadian author in the future.

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