Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Look at Novel Journey

There's a new look at Novel Journey - the new site will launch on July 1st and you could win prizes! Check it out, then let me know here what you think and I'll send you a code for a 25% discount on my ebook devotional for writers, Abundant Rain.

Just go here -

Then come back and tell me what you think. :)


Carol J. Garvin said...

I don't often comment, either here or on Novel Journey, Marcia, but I do appreciate the posts. I've loved following Novel Journey, reading and also regularly clicking to back posts for doses of inspiration, interviews and information, so I anticipated the impending change as an upgrade. Unfortunately, I'm disappointed.

Somehow Novel Rocket feels... too commercial... maybe less personal. I have to say that if I hadn't devoured Novel Journey for so long, I'd probably wander through the new site once and not bother returning. I wasn't looking for another "how to publish" or an in-your-face-with-advertising "buy this book" site when Novel Journey caught my attention, and I'm not looking for one now. There are already oodles of them available online. Today's post is an example of what doesn't interest me, but I did enjoy Robin's interview. And I miss the links to archived posts. (I'll stop complaining now!)

Of course I'll continue to visit and read, but you asked for my opinion. :)

Marcia said...

Thanks for your honest opinion, Carol. I'll pass this on to the administrators of the blog. I know they do not intend it to be the kind of site you describe and I hope this initial reaction will mellow as the blog continues to host great writers and provide good content.

Gina Holmes said...

Carol, thanks so much for the feedback. We will definitely mellow out on the commercial stuff. Just trying to get the word out about the new services. Really appreciate you taking the time to speak up.

Carol J. Garvin said...

Thanks for your responses and explanations, and I appreciate that Novel Rocket is still a work in progress. I think my initial reaction was a result of clicking on the new tabs and finding three of them were simply promoting services. But that may be exactly what other readers want... I may be a lone voice. I'm sure the usual great posts will keep coming, and I'll still keep reading.