Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crossing Oceans

This was the first book I downloaded on my new Kindle. Good thing the little gadget is light, because I couldn't put it down. And I mean that. I carried it around the house, from my office into the kitchen and back to the living room, almost tripped over my dog on the stairs, and yes, it went with me into the bathrooom.

I don't generally like what I call, "sappy" books - by that I mean books that make people cry - but this one did and I still loved it. The sentiments are genuine because the characters are real. You feel with them and for them. So you cry. But you laugh too, and again, the humour rings true, with an edge of reality that makes you catch your breath at times.

I especially loved that Ms. Holmes doesn't take the pat answer, "this is what you'd expect from a Christian novelist" route. For instance, when the main character, who is dying of cancer, begins to hear voices, she doesn't immediately jump to believing it's the voice of God. She acknowledges that a brain tumour does strange things ... yet, there is the sweet struggle and yearning we all face in difficult circumstances, to believe that God is there.

This book will stay on my kindle so I can go back now then and read parts that I think were especially well done. And, if funds allow, next time I'm in my favourite book store, I'll probably buy a copy so I can hold it in my hands.

Don't miss this one. I look forward to Gina's next.

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