Thursday, August 06, 2009

Talking to the Dead

When my friend Bonnie Grove told me the title for her new novel, I admit I was a little surprised and I wondered how it would do once it was on the shelves. I'm not sure how it's doing, but I know the reviews have been through the roof fantastic and for good reason.

This is an excellent novel - entertaining, intriguing and extremely satisfying. It has just enough suspense to keep you wondering, just enough thought-provoking content to make you keep asking yourself questions. And those questions aren't just about the novel. They're questions that make you think about yourself - how mentally stable am I? How strong is my faith? What if my world collapsed around me?

The characters in Talking to the Dead are so real you won't be able to let go of them easily. Or perhaps they won't let go of you. The elements of faith are true to life and, again, make you ask questions. How do I react to people who are out of step with reality? How loyal am I to my friends and family?

And who can I send a copy of this book to?

Can't wait for Bonnie's next one.

BTW, Bonnie is one of the speakers at Inscribe's next Fall Conference.

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