Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dying To Live. "From death can come life; dying needs to precede living." This is the premise of this captivating book by Clive Calver, and he knows first hand of what he writes. With examples of real-life people who have lived lives in complete obedience to Christ, the book is at once challenging and inspiring.

Calver is talking about radical Christianity in this book, the kind of dying to self that Jesus taught - the kind many of us try to avoid. He mentions that in his position as pastor he recognizes that the message is often not a popular one. In fact, one of the elders in his church remarked that his emphasis on that theme was causing people to leave the church. But rather than ask him to stop he gave him a book to encourage him along the way. Those who embraced the idea were growing and bearing fruit.

Calver talks about sacrifice but not in terms that we normally hear. He cautions against living "for Christ" and urges us to submit to God's will so that the Christ that lives in us truly has control. The emphasis is on Christ living through us.

At the end of each chapter there is a prayer that gives the reader the opportunity to invite Christ to make the necessary changes in his or her life that will result in a transformation. These are what a friend of mine would call "dangerous prayers." I believe if prayed with sincerity they very well could move you from comfort to living on the edge, with Jesus.

If you are feeling that your faith is stalled and your walk with Christ is dull, read this book. Pray the prayers. Then watch what God will do.

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