Saturday, December 29, 2007


My daughter graduated last June and one of the School Trustees gave a wonderful speech about ‘enough.’ I thought I’d transpose it for writers –

As 2008 is about to launch I wish you all enough –

Enough intellectual stimulation to keep your mind sharp
Enough inspiration to keep your soul full
Enough courage to take you through the hard places in your work
Enough determination to keep you sending your work to editors and publishers
Enough grace to deal with those editors and publishers as Jesus would
Enough help from friends and mentors to keep you writing
Enough empathy to keep you offering what you know to ‘newbies’
Enough time to get all your writing projects finished
Enough time to sit and dream, to play and laugh
Enough pieces published to keep you encouraged
Enough pieces rejected to keep you learning
Enough praise to bless your heart
Enough criticism to keep you humble
Enough earnestness to keep you serious about your work
Enough sense of humour to keep you from taking yourself too seriously
Enough peace to show you God is in control
Enough disquiet to keep you from taking each day for granted
Enough wisdom to show you God is speaking through you
Enough foolishness to show you you’re only human

And above all, enough of Jesus to keep you longing for more


fudge4ever said...

thanks Marcia! That poem has a good perspective to start the New Year, rather than with the longing for more all the time. I wish you enough of everything, too. A blessed 2008 to you!

fudge4ever said...

Hi Marcia. I like your poem. It's a good reminder to start the year with an attitude of contentment and thankfulness rather than with the longing for more, more, more. a blessed 2008 to you!