Saturday, August 04, 2007

God IS good!

God sometimes just knocks my socks off. I was stewing about how I was going to pay for the copies of One Smooth Stone I've ordered from my publisher. Though I get a sizable discount, ordering 500 books is going to set me back a whack of cash - and that on top of moving and on top of a wedding (see post below). So I stewed and then finally I prayed and was (mostly) leaving it in the Lord's hands.

Then I went to a friend's and she told me God had told her to give me something. Then she sat down and wrote out a cheque. I was truly touched by her generosity and God's goodness.
Then I got a phone call from another friend on the other side of the country (she's also a speaker/writer). She said she wanted to help and asked how much she should send! I told her to talk to God, not me! So she did and sent a cheque in the mail.

Wow! God sure showed me who has this all under control. :)Marci

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