Monday, September 04, 2006

Received an encouraging note from Mark Buchanan today. He's reading One Smooth Stone for an endorsement and said he's "entirely enthralled!"

Whew!It's so encouraging to have such great writers give that kind of praise!

I've also been getting some great encouragement and advice from a friend who's critiquing the ms. for me. It's encouraging because often by the time she suggests a change I've already made it. :) But she has made a few great suggestions that will make the book much better. Some of them have to do with things that I sort of take for granted - like what does a radiophone look like, and why are Grizzly bears so dangerous? Having lived for 12 years in the Yukon I forget that not everyone would know the answers to those questions.

I'm feeling much better about sending this ms. to my editor.


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