Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Divine Convergence

Just returned from Inscribe's annual Fall Conference. Our main speaker was Larry Willard - publisher with Castle Quay (they are the folks who will be publishing One Smooth Stone), and Bay Ridge Books. He did an excellent job and his passion for Christian publishing in Canada is contagious. He talked about the "Divine Convergence" that he has been seeing happen in Canada over the past few years - where all the components necessary to see Christian publishing in Canada work have come together. It's exciting!

We went for supper after the conference. Unfortunately there were two other people with us who capitalized the conversation a lot of the time, so I wasn't able to ask the questions I had thought of earlier in the week. But then by that time my brain was kind of numb and I probably couldn't have remembered them anyways!

But I did find out that my novel has been delayed until next September. That seems like a long ways away but I'm kind of glad - when the editor told me she couldn't start working on it until the New Year I was thinking that only gave me one month to work on the edits and that seemed way too short a time. So... now I can continue to revise and work on it. Just changed the opening this morning. :) I'm still feeling that it needs more.

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