Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Day with Time

I had time the other day - as opposed to it having me. Time not to hurry, time to be leisurely in pace and mind.
I wandered through a bookstore, picked up a novel I'd read a couple of years ago. Its characters still haunt a corner of my mind so I snatched it up - my treasure for the day at 6.99!
I bought a literary magazine too, which I do every now and then and as I read the winning entry in their fiction contest I found that words began to flow - words I'd been missing in One Smooth Stone - words I had thought I couldn't find. But they were there, in my mind, my pen. I just needed the time to find them.
So I know now. I need to take time - take it and wander and read and rest.
Perhaps one of the great gifts of heaven will be being free of the constraints of time - being without time, being free to wander.


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