Friday, August 18, 2006

CBA Canada

Just attended the Christian Book Association of Canada convention in Edmonton. It was an interesting experience - met some great people who are operating bookstores across the West, and some from the far east too - as far as Cape Breton! I was there to sign books and to help the Word Guild promote Canadian authors. It was encouraging to see the response from the retailers and distributors alike. I think we definitely created a wave that will sweep across the country - maybe even a tsunami! Most of the retailers were delighted to have someone point out the Cdn. writers and they were more than willing to promote them in their stores. At one point one of my colleagues questioned why they hadn't thought of it before but when I thought about it, it's only been in recent years that Canadian writers who are Christian have been coming to the fore - beginning with Janette Oke, then Sigmund Brouwer, now Mark Buchanan and others. There are enough now to fill a display, whereas only a few years ago there were maybe only one or two. It's exciting to see what's happening! :)M

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