Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rejection and Success

There has been some discussion, on one of the lists I frequent, about rejection. Someone had a book ms. rejected and someone else had a whole series turned down by her publisher. Such things are discouraging to say the least. Many responded with words of encouragement and wisdom.

Patricia Paddey quoted that day's devotional by Oswald Chambers. He is my all-time favourite devotional writer (click the link to read today's) so I pulled out his book and read the entire entry. In a nutshell he said that it's not the end result that God is concerned about, but the process. It was such a good reminder to me, even though I'm not facing rejection but have successfully placed my book with a publisher. It hit me that he has just as much to teach me through this success as he does through a failure.

I have long understood that God is teaching me a great deal about myself and about Him as I write. Writing is my journey to Him, so the process is definitely paramount. But it's also exciting to know that he uses the end result to His purposes and glory. What an astonishingly great God we serve!

On this Sunday - in a couple of hours here in Alberta - people all over the world will be meeting to worship Him. May it all add to His glory.

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