Saturday, July 15, 2006

Almost finished

Yes, almost finished the proposal. I just have to find a couple more books that are similar in theme/genre etc. to mine. I find this hard to do. Comparisons are poor at the best of times when you're dealing with something so subjective as what I think of a book. So far I've listed one book that deals with similar themes of a nasty past and forgiveness. But the two books are not at all alike, really. I asked my list friends for help and have had a few suggestions, so must now try to run down these books. Hoping to find some in our church library - if I can get in the door. The tiny room where it's located right now is not exactly condusive to searching for a book. Sigh. Off I go.


Lorrie said...

Hi Marci,
Congratulations on winning the contest. I'm looking forward to meeting you at Inscribe in September. One question (probably a dumb one) - why do you have to do a proposal if you already have a contract?


Marci said...

Hi Lorrie - no, it's not a dumb question - I asked Larry that too. His answer was that it will all help him to put together the promo material they need to do. He said he could do it in his words, but prefers that it's done by the author. Even tho' the book has been accepted they like to have all of the proposal info. filled in.
Thanks for clicking into my blog! :)M

April said...

Thank you for sharing your blog with everyone. I think it is so nice that a writer takes the time out to do this. It's inspiring for us who strive to be well-published writers as well.

Marci said...

April et al - I really appreciated those who were further up the ladder being willing to talk about the process and help those who are just beginning - as I once was. So I really enjoy being able to do the same now. :)M