Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For the Inner Ear

I just pulled a book off my shelf that I haven't looked at for some time. It's an anthology of poetry in which I was published a few years ago. (a reputable one, by the way:) )

The title page includes a quote from Dorothy Livesay - "Sing then, for the inner ear's hearing."
What a great exhortation to writers who are Christians - sing, for the world, the sinful, violent, chaotic world, is hearing. So often we think not. We see the state of our world and despair. We hear the scoffers and grind our teeth in frustration.

Yet we have been given the task to sing of Christ through our writing. It makes me think of the violin ensemble that played as the Titanic sank - (in the film at least, and I don't know if that is factual). It seems like a ridiculous thing to do, yet we are called to do it.

It makes me think too of an interview I saw with Mother Theresa. The interviewer asked her why she bothered, when it was obvious she could do nothing to alleviate the suffering of the millions around her. She seemed not to even comprehend the question. She concerned herself with doing what she was called to do - hold the suffering in her arms while they died. Bring comfort and hope to those who had given up ever finding it.

What an honour! What a privilege! Sing. For they are hearing.

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