Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Forgiving Solomon Long

Hello folks. Just want to point you to a book that's receiving good reviews. Go to this link
And check out the author's web site
If you like thrills mixed with a message, you'll love Forgiving Solomon Long.

Friday, July 08, 2005

A Wrench on the Work

I had a humbling experience this morning. I went to our local Curves for my morning workout. Yes, that is humbling in itself, but there was more! :)
One of the staff had a tool box and several wrenches laid out on the floor as she serviced one of the machines. I watched her as I made my way around the circuit. I was breathing hard by the time I reached her and my eyes dropped to the tools. She had laid out a sheet of newspaper under them, and there, peaking out from under a screwdriver and a smudge of grease was my photograph. The first paragraph of my weekly column lay under the handle of a wrench. I was tempted to ask if she'd noticed, if she'd read the column before spreading her tools out over it. I chuckled to myself. So much for the power of the word, I thought.

But then I remembered the woman who wrote a while ago to say how much my column means to her. She's housebound with a debilitating disease and can't even get to church most Sundays. There was also a note from a woman in a country where there are very few believers. She called my column a life-line.

It's letters like those that keep me going. I know not even a wrench on the work can interfere with what God wants to do with it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fighting the dragon

I've been fighting the dragon of discouragement lately, trying to convince myself that 'even this shall pass,' that in a couple of months I'll be able to revert to my routine and get some writing done. But I feel the panic, the tension mounting as the weeks go by and little writing happens. I find myself marking time by the events that will take me closer to some free time. Stampede is over - a busy time in lots of ways - so maybe now ...

I did manage to get my column done last week - though it was late. Maybe this week I'll get something done on my WsIP.

Hoping. M